Love is it a mustake or does it even exist in the 21 century

I am 46 years old and iam only expressing my life view about this emotion in America that we all live in.

First iam an African American from the East coast and i created this plat form to express my daily feeling about the world i was born in so forgive if iam to strong on certain topics. I believe in the 21 century i do not believe love exist , it hurts me every day when i think about it!

I was looking at Youtube not to long ago and a youtuber was talking about the same thing iam talking about now. you know what he said? He said that to love someone or even trust woman is giving that woman the power to destroy you! I also was looking at another Youtuber and a woman was talking to a young black man and the man was on floor while she was sitting on the bed screaming ” I will destroy you and i will destroy everything you got going” i was beside myself!!!

I do believe women are to aggressive to be women and women cannot be a man and a woman. I do think that America is falling into some kind of Kar Marks way of thinking. Karl Marks, is the founder of Communism.

Know that the Law and the Government is on the woman’s side and she is not wasting any time destroy our neighbor hoods with her new powers and this woman does not care. The woman have lost her gentle touch and became a cancer in the Neighbor Hood and she does not hold herself a fault what so ever on what is going on in the places she lives. She is raising Monsters and letting them loose on the public.

2 Esdras 5:8

“There shall be a confusion also in many places, and the fire shall be oft sent out again, and the wild beasts shall change their places, and menstruous women shall bring forth monsters:”

A menstruous woman is what she is and what she is producing is monsters. And how she is getting and producing these monster is threw random sex. Ask yourself is the woman in America in there right minds, the answer to that is no. Because she is not in her right place and for that reason love do not produce it’s self in a natural order like the days of the 60’s and 50’s when family used to be family.

In today’s world you are literally playing Russian Rullet with your feedom ,Bank Account, and your life a lot of the time. It’s a crazy thing, to watch what looks like a full grown child blow a temper at random for every little thing. That don’t happens only with girl friend but all woman across the board

Men have no defense against this woman because the Government has taking all the rights of the man by any means. We are at war with a Government that is against the family and family structer . Matter fact there is no family structer.

Love is dying and this Government and the woman who collect welfare and section 8 is killing it . This also is happening in the professional world . Surely shit does run down hill

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